Born in Denmark, Morts moved to Greenland when he was 18 to pursue the dream of making a living filming and photographing the rough unforgiving nature of the high Arctic.  He spent four years working alongside TV crews from all over the world; BBC, RAI UNO and RTL to mention just a few. He was a fixer for Irish National Broadcasting (RTE) as well as organizing and liaising with sports expeditions attempting to cross the Inland Icecap. 

From 2000 to 2006 he spent seven consecutive summers in the French Alps honing his climbing and alpine skills and he first summited Mt Blanc in 1999 and The Matterhorn in 2000.  Since then he has successfully summited 23  4000m mountains as well as several 5-6000m mountains. In 2009 he attempted to summit Lhotse and Everest in Nepal, but failed to reach the summit of either of them. 

He has travelled intensively through Africa and was part of the Kenyan leg of the 2005-2009 Dutch tractor expedition from the Netherlands to the South Pole.

Whilst living in Denmark Morts worked as a photographer and journalist for a range of newspapers and magazines and his work has been widely published internationally and he  has provided content for major brands and market leaders across the world. 

Previous collaborations includes Nikon, Smartwool, PrincetonTec, Redged & CaxtonFX

For the last three years his main focus has been on developing educational expeditions to East Africa for a large international travel organisation and he is currently working on setting up photographic workshops in both Africa, Europe and the Arctic. 

Morts is a qualified Mountain Leader, AVID editor and APPLE Premier pro certified editor

Morts currently resides in Oxfordshire, UK with his wife and two beautiful children


Africa is calling...