AFRICA is calling.. (aka what's next)

I have only just returned home from russia however, it is never too early to start planning the next trip :-) 

Mid-next month I will be leading an expedition to Uganda for World Challenge and I am so stoked to be heading back to my beloved Africa again. 

I will be leading a small group of school students from a London school and one of our main objectives is a community project in central Uganda. 

Hopefully we will also have time to squeeze in a cheeky safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park as well as chimpanzee trek in the beautiful Kyambura Gorge 

I will be documenting my trip on both social media as well as in vlogs on my YouTube channel and I encourage you to follow my journey



Morts x


Previous trips in 2018: 

  • Jan 2018: Malawi & Tanzania (World Challenge Expeditions)
  • Mar 2018: Scotland
  • April 2018: USA (World Challenge Expeditions)
  • May 2018: Russia (Mount Elbrus)


Upcoming trips & Expeditions:

  • July 2018: Uganda (World Challenge)
  • August 2018: Dordogne, France 
  • August 2018: Chamonix, France 
  • November 2018: Africa (TBC)
  • January 2019: Scotland
  • February 2019: Nepal